Monday, October 19, 2009

For those of you that check...

I am officially signing off! Most of my friends and family that want to see what we've been up to are on facebook now. We've been so busy this fall that I've not had time to sit down at the computer and update. It's been a little easier to just email pictures out or post on facebook. :)

Peace, love, and happiness!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Disney On Ice

Addie Kate and her buddies went to Disney on Ice this weekend, and then celebrated Perri Brook's Birhtday! We all had a blast! We also got to visit with our friends Jen and Steve this weekend while they came up here for pictures. Fun weekend!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fall Soccer ~ "Go Lions"


Addie's team had her 1st soccer scimage the other night... she scored two goals! Woop woop!!!!!!!! She celebratedt the rest of the game, beaming from ear to ear. Go girl!
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Monday, August 31, 2009

Fresh Beat Band

For all you mommas that KNOW you watch some NOGGIN!... Addie is determined that she will be the next member of the Fresh Beat Band! Here she is practicing... enjoy!

Jellystone Park

Roasting Marshmellows

Yogi's Visit to our cabin

Hey Hey Boo Boo!!!!!!!

We had a fun filled weekend with the Medlins and the Curtis clan at Jellystone Park. We camped toghether in cabins, with A C of course, and did everything from smores to ghost stories around the fire! Yogi Bear even came to the cabin and brought the kids chocolate milk and moon pies! The pool there is awesome for kiddos! There is a huge waterslide in the middle; made just for kids! The best part of the weekend was when we were sitting around the campfire and Calvin was telling the kids a story about "Bloody bones!" Craig, a friend of Jen's, hid behind the cabin and came running out screaming. The kids scattered like it was there job! The adults were laughing so hard we were all about to wet our pants. Memories!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friday Night Fever

So, I guess we're really "Mustangs," but it did Coach Poole's heart good to see Addie in some blue and gold Friday night! "Ms. Sissy" rounded up a cheerleader suit for Addie Kate and off to the Olive Branch football game we went. We sat on the field in the end zone and the kids played while Addie got to "cheer" with the big girls! It was a blast! We also met my dearest childhood friend, Brady, and his family for barbeque while they were in town. We took all the kiddos to the zoo Sat. and then crashed at the White house for a nap. I know this weather is just a tease, but it sure has gotten me ready for fall!